Monday, January 27, 2014

Time to stop counting hats hat

The Wretch is absolutely convinced that no amount of swatching will ever produce accurate measurements.  Instead, he just starts knitting and if it seems too big he frogs it and if it seems to small he imagines he will gift it to a child someday.  It is an inefficient approach but it works for the Wretch.

I made this with the exact same number of stitches and on the exact same needles as the twelfth hat, but it came out much larger.  This surprised me, but it is fine since the twelfth hat was too tight.

I used Purl Soho's "line weight" merino yarn.  It is a great weight and nice to knit with and very soft, although something I was doing (or something I did when winding it) made it extra twisty so that my slack yarn would curl up and when I knit one side of each knit stitch came out tight and straight. Strange but cool looking.

Satisfaction level: High!

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